Found my software for!

wael on May 30th, 2009

When I moved from Panama to California last year, I apparently left all my web development software behind. I looked for it in all my boxes and suitcases in California, but could not find it. That’s why I did not update the articles on Muslim Matrimonials for some time. Well I’m back in Panama for a short visit, and I’ve been looking through some of the boxes I left behind here, and packing them for shipment to California, and voila! – I found my software by surprise. Yay, Alhamdulillah! So I will Insha’Allah resume updating with new articles and features.

In other developments, I had a scare recently when some of the pages on began showing up as blank white pages. My programmer said that some of the .php pages had mysteriously disappeared from the server. In the middle of working on this problem, the pages reappeared and the site began functioning properly again! I think maybe the web host was doing some maintenance and then restored everything from backups when they were done, I don’t know.

In any case it’s no mystery that the site really needs to be re-developed from the ground up. The programming is old and out of date. It works, but it could be much better. Of course is a free service, so the funds for this kind of development are lacking. I really like having it as a free service. I like the idea of offering a free matrimonial service to Muslims from all over the world, many of whom (especially women) cannot afford the fees that some matrimonial services charge. So if there is  donor out there – an individual or a company – who would like to fund the redevelopment of in exchange for sponsorship messages or just for barakah – please contact me.

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