A Witness to Your Life

wael on October 18th, 2011
Matrimonial advertisements

Matrimonial advertisements - check your priorities!

When seeking a marriage partner, remember, this is not just some pretty face that you get to admire or posses, or show off to your friends. This person is not a checkbook, or a status symbol, or a servant, or a household maid. This is not someone that you’ll see for a few minutes each day after work, and take with you to dinner parties.

This is someone you have to live with for the rest of your life. This is someone you need to be able to turn to when you’re sad, someone to support you when you’re tired, to nurse you when you’re sick, to share in your joys, play with you, struggle with you to achieve Jannah. This is someone to be a witness to your life, to know you intimately and affirm your worth as a human being (not that we need someone else to affirm our value – but it’s always nice to be recognized and seen).

Is that what you’re looking for? Make sure your priorities are in order. Look past the surface. Connect with the person’s soul. Find someone who will make you smile, and with whom you will be happy to share this strange journey we call life.

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