The website is one of a kind. It is the only website that provides common sense advice to Muslim people with marriage problems, family problems, divorce problems, or any kind of relationship problems.

The remarkable thing is that every single question gets answered, although there is currently a backlog of about 70 questions waiting to be answered. Typically about two questions get answered every day, by lay people who have sound Islamic knowledge and good common sense. These editors are volunteers, working men and women with families of their own, who share the wisdom they have acquired and try to steer people the right way, Insha’Allah.

The formula has proven to be a hit, as traffic has steadily climbed and recently broke the 2,000 visitors per day barrier.

6 Responses to “Islamic advice website is taking off – zoom!”

  1. Assalam ali kum
    can i marrie to my father sister girl it is jayaz in islam

  2. You can marry your first cousin, but I do not advise it for health reasons. It raises the risk of genetic abnormalities in the children. Marry outside the family and outside the tribe, it is healthier and will bring new blood into the family.


  3. Assalam ali kum
    in islam love marrage is jayaz
    if i get enough can i hugh to my feonce is this jayaz in islam thank you Allah hafiz

  4. You should not hug your fiancee, it is not allowed. If you have actually done the nikah then you are married and it’s okay, but if not then you must avoid physical contact.

    You can post these kinds of questions at, it specializes in these issues.


  5. My 16 years old daughter has runaway from home and living with white family. She is friends with their son who is 16 years old. I think both are boyfriend girlfriend. I dont know what to do can you advise please

  6. Brother Ali, I don’t mean to be harsh, but it’s a little bit late now. We need to raise our children with Islamic values from the time they are very young, so that when they get to be teenagers they should already have a firm understanding of Islam and be active in the deen. If we ignore our Islamic obligations to our children, passing on only cultural traditions, we will lose them when they get into their teens.

    At this point I’m not sure what you can do. Do not be harsh with her or you will drive her further away. Stay in touch with her, talk to her kindly, remind her gently of Islam, and Insha’Allah in time she will return.


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