Wael’s Five Pillars of Islamic Marriage

wael on October 5th, 2008

I’m planning to develop these “Five Pillars of Marriage” further, with a detailed explanation of each one. But for now, here are the five elements that I feel are vital to any successful Muslim marriage, or any marriage at all for that matter:

Five Pillars of a Successful Muslim Marriage:

  1. Faith
  2. Respect
  3. Love
  4. Trust
  5. Communication

As I said, I will add more details later, but if you have any thoughts on this now please feel free to comment.

3 Responses to “Wael’s Five Pillars of Islamic Marriage”

  1. A good recipe Wael. Maybe the ingredients could be juggled around slightly.

    Marriage is the name of the dish. Although may not be served in a golden platter to start with.

    The recipe consists of:
    1.Faith, 2.Respect, 3.Trust, 4.Communication and 5.Connection(being the green chilli, lol).

    When all the above is present, the type of ‘love’ required for a successful marriage is bound to cook up, huh?

    Sorry for all the references to cooking. Its just that I can smell my mother’s home cooked dinner downstairs, lol.

  2. i want to ask a question but i dont know how to send it across to you. i have a pelvic inflammatory disease that makes me bleed and have brownish discharge frequently should i keep fasting when i have the discharge or am i just wasting my time

  3. Mariam, I recommend that you post post these kinds of questions at IslamicAnswers.com, it specializes in these issues. Sorry I did not answer your question earlier during Ramadan, I did not notice it.



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